2018 Slice of the Good Life Online Auction – Open for Registration


Have you registered for this year’s Gayla auction yet?

Bidding won’t begin until Jan. 20 but you can register (Grp. # 908) for the auction now at: Pizza Klatch Online Auction 2018

One of the amazing donations we’ve secured for the auction is a handmade guitar… I’ll let Lynn Grotzky explain:

I am so excited to tell you John Hall is donating a $3,500 HANDMADE GUITAR as a special auction item. Anyone can pre-bid for it online and then we will do a live bid for it at the Gayla concert itself. You will have a choice of a steel string guitar or a nylon one both having been played by Mary Lambert and by our own Miguel Perez Gibson. John is auctioning off one but the winner gets to choose which one they get. They sound incredible!

Let your guitar-loving friends know. This is a one of a kind item and we are thrilled to feature it. There are 4 days left until the auction opens, are you excited?  We are!


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