Pizza Klatch is a support group for LGBTQ+ youth and their allies that is held in classrooms during lunchtime at  participating high schools. Each group is run by two trained adult co-facilitators who are members of the LGBTQ+ community or allies. Facilitators are mandatory reporters and are responsible for maintaining an inclusive, supportive, confidential environment safe from physical harm or emotional attacks for all participants. Groups are led by the needs of the youth participants, making each group unique.

A typical group begins with reviewing ground rules followed by “check-ins” where teens are encouraged to share a “high” — something going well in their life — as well as a “low” something they are currently struggling or being challenged with. This is an opportunity for everyone to share and be heard about their experiences, such as homophobic harassment, feelings of judgement or marginalization, or discrimination within their family or home. Our groups are a place where youth build community and friendships that extend outside of school grounds.

Pizza Klatch Facilitators may also plan a discussion or bring in guest speakers based on student feedback on topics like:

  • gender identity and gender expression
  • sexual orientation
  • healthy relationships
  • how to improve school culture
  • religion
  • coming out and the safety issues around it
  • roots of oppression
  • intervention in bullying, self-harm, or suicide

Pizza Klatch is a 100% voluntary drop-in group and all LGBTQ+ youth and their allies are welcome.  No one has to speak if they don’t want to.

Pizza Klatch facilitators work hard to ensure this is a RESPECTFUL, INCLUSIVE and SAFER SPACE for all who attend.


Pizza Klatch Promotional Poster (2021/2022)

If you are a student that attends one of our participating schools ( listed here), you can find us on campus once a week in a confidential space during all lunch periods. In order to find the room or space the klatch at your school is meeting, you can either look for promotional posters posted on your school campus or you can ask someone in the front office area of your school. You can also contact us at and we can connect you with the facilitator at your school. If your school only currently offers Pizza Klatch online rather than in-person, please email us at in order to receive info on how to join your schools virtual klatch.

For parents/guardians/friends/family of a student with whom you think would like to attend Pizza Klatch at their school, please share this information with them. For confidentiality purposes and the safety of all PK students, facilitators can only share meeting room information with students directly, meaning we would not be able to share this specific info with a parent/guardian/etc to pass it on to your loved one. 

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