“Pizza Klatch makes a difference in my week—someone is always there to listen.”


“Sometimes we have fun, sometimes we talk about stuff that’s hard to talk to other people about.”

“I can be who I am here.”

“Pizza Klatch has introduced me to problems at school that need to be fixed.”

“Pizza Klatch brings a positive image & hope for the future.”

“It gives me support and it’s a great time to talk about stuff.”

“I now know people who are in the same place as I am.”

IMG_3074 (1)
“I can talk about family problems.”

“I can get different opinions from different people I barely know.”

“I am more acceptable of LGBTQ.”

“It is a great place to get to know people and get support in tough things.”

“I am starting to understand more about being LGBTQ.”

“It gives me a safe & fun place to be myself.”

“Pizza Klatch strengthened my decision to be an ally.”

“I can talk to new people and feel like I’m not hiding anything.”

Check out these videos of our youth speaking directly about our organization: