Looking for an Executive Director or CEO? You can reach out to any member of our Executive Committee! Pizza Klatch operates under a shared leadership model rather than a hierarchal management structure, as we believe a cooperative and equitable management system is more aligned with our organizational mission statement. This means Pizza Klatch does not have a singular Executive Director, but instead all core staff members operate as an Executive Committee where each has equitable Executive power. All Committee members share Executive responsibilities as well as focus on specific areas of the organization (as reflected by each staff member's job title). If you're not sure who to contact based on your needs, feel free to contact our general email at or call us at (360) 339-7574.


El Sánchez

Pronouns: they/them
Phone: (360) 339-7574 ext. 105

El is a queer / transgender / nonbinary / Chicanx / Xicanx community activist and comedian who joined PK in 2018 after being asked to perform at a Pizza Klatch fundraiser. El grew up all over Washington state, from a small farming community in Lewis County to the Quinault Tribal Nation on the Olympic Peninsula, but they've always called Olympia home. They graduated from The Evergreen State College in 2005 with a Bachelor’s Degree focused in constitutional law, tribal law and social justice. They have been a featured performer and speaker at queer comedy shows, Pride events and LGBTQ+ focused panels and discussions throughout the country. They are excited to utilize both their lived experience and their background in LGBTQ+ community organizing and outreach to benefit queer and trans youth, especially those in smaller communities like the ones they came from.

Eyota Wak'ishwit

Pronouns: she/her
Phone: (360) 339-7574 ext. 108

Eyota is a non-binary trans woman of Yakama descent. The past decade she spent growing up in Shelton, WA, with her sister and mom. It wasn't until she attended the Evergreen State College in the 2017/18 year that she moved to Olympia. However, her introduction to the world of social justice, intersectionality, and community resilience began in late 2014 and bloomed in the latter half of 2015 once she found the language to describe the experience and nature of her gender, sexuality, and indigenous background. Recovering from recent mental health woes as well as learning to dance gracefully with long-term depression, she aims to move forward in stride, doing her part to contribute to the cultivation of healthy communities and a brighter future, not only for herself but for LGBTQ+ and indigenous youth. Life events and experiences in the last couple of years alone have helped shape her approach to topics of intersectionality and community building/resilience in constructive and solid ways. When she's not lost in extensive, contemplative and methodical thought, she loves to draw, write, sing, compose, and take long walks.

Never North

Pronouns: she/they
Phone: (360) 339-7574 ext. 107

Never is a queer, transfeminine, agender artist, author and former librarian who moved to Olympia in 2018. They grew up in southern Indiana, and received a BA in English and a Master's Degree in Library Science, both from Indiana University, in 2010. They spent five years working at libraries in the greater Chicago area until, in 2014 they left their job to move to Portland, Oregon to transition. They have also lived in Toronto, ON and Nashville, TN, and have traveled extensively playing music and doing readings of poetry and fiction. They have published many books and zines, have been involved in editing various literary magazines and reading series, and have been featured on websites such as Autostraddle, The Poetry Foundation, Verse Daily and The Mary Sue. In addition to their creative work for adults, they are the author of Identifying as Transgender (Rosen Publishing, 2017), an informational text about being trans targeted toward grades 7-12. They are passionate about books, comics, activism, progressive Judaism and transgender media.

Sofia Vasconi

Pronouns: any
Phone: (360) 339-7574 ext. 103

Sofia Vasconi is a gay nonbinary mixed Latinx/white Italian femme first shaped by the Alaskan mountains, then by the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest. Sofia’s passions lie both in the magic of the natural world and the magic of intersectional movement building, harm reduction, collective healing, and community resiliency. She also loves plants and being in the woods, makeup, getting lost in a book, queer history, trash TV, dancing, and cooking. They have been facilitating with Pizza Klatch since January 2018. Sofia’s pronouns are they/them/theirs and she/her/hers.


Lex Langguth-Torres

Pronouns: they/them
Phone: (360) 339-7574

Lex is a Queer, Genderfluid, mixed Chicane/white, Enby community member and aspiring silly goose. Their early years were spent around the high deserts of “Washington” in a tiny town called Zillah. At the age of 9, they moved with their mom and brother to Vancouver, WA until they began attending Evergreen State in 2016 and have lived in Olympia since then. Lex graduated in the infamous year of 2020 from Evergreen State with a BA in Liberal Arts with a focus in Psychology/Cultural Studies. Lex strives to incorporate the power of “play” in their work and daily life. They believe the power of playfulness can assist us in making sense of the chaos life brings and be an invaluable tool in imagining a different and sparklier future to bring into our lives, especially for the lives who have been disproportionately disenfranchised by the powers of hetero/cis/white supremacy. You can also find Lex co-creating with community members to organize culturally relevant Latine/x dance nights, produce plays, drag performances, music, and video production projects as a means to foster community connection, resilience, and flourishment.