The Pizza Klatch Office is currently closed to walk-ins/drop-ins as per COVID-19 safety protocols. To contact staff, email info@pizzaklatch.com or call at (360) 339-7574.

For questions about programming or resources, contact our Programming Co-Directors, Never North (Never@pizzaklatch.org) or Sofia Vasconi (Sofia@pizzaklatch.org). For questions about fundraising, our annual Gayla, partnerships, sponsorships or finances, contact our Fundraising & Finance Director, El Sánchez (El@pizzaklatch.org). For questions about speaking engagements and training workshops, please contact our Communications & Outreach Director, Eyota Wak’ishwit (Eyota@pizzaklatch.org). For questions about volunteering, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Lex Langguth-Torres (Lex@pizzaklatch.org).