Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth in Thurston County

300-400+ youth attend Pizza Klatch groups each week
for support from their peers & trained facilitators.

Encouraging LGBTQ+ Youth

Pizza Klatch works to help youth become resilient, self-advocates.

LGBTQ+ Pizza Klatch Youth

Pizza Klatch is committed to supporting youth participants of all gender identities, sexual orientations, racial backgrounds, abilities and religious beliefs through an intersectional lens.

Pizza Klatch offers professional training to school administrators and staff aimed at increasing awareness and improving safety for LGBTQ+ students.

Pizza Klatch Supporters

Individuals and organizations provide us with volunteer and financial support. We could not do this work without our wonderful supportive community.

Pizza Klatch Office Location

We have completed the move to our new address: 312 4th Ave. E., Olympia

Call: (360) 339-7574

Pizza Klatch Office
Pizza Klatch Volunteering

Volunteer With Us

Empower LGBTQ+ youth to self-advocate, build community, and develop confidence.

As a facilitator, we’ll train you to provide safe and confidential in-school support groups for LGBTQ+ Youth and Allies in Thurston County high schools. Pizza Klatch brings the pizza, the youth bring their bravery, and together we hold meaningful conversations.


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