Joining us this year down on the virtual farm this year, brand new performances by a handful of our very own Pizza Klatch youth! PLUS some amazing new celebrity guests!


In 2011, a then 13-year-old Rebecca Black’s song “Friday” was viewed by over 150 million people worldwide and became the fastest-growing viral song and video in 2011.

Rebecca has embraced her teenage hit and has never feared speaking about her experiences. Instead, she has become a prominent advocate for anti-bullying and the LGBTQ+ community and has worked alongside organizations like the Ad Council, GLAAD, and BestBuddies.

Now, Rebecca Black is pop culture. The decade wrapped up with Black’s name making nearly every notable publication’s look back at the best moments of the past 10 years including Billboard and Rolling Stone.

After releasing the widely acclaimed singles “Girlfriend”, “Friday (Remix)”, and “Personal” in 2021, it is clear that Rebecca Black will solidify her stamp on pop culture. Her debut EP is set to release in June.

hosted by Gayle Evans

Back for a second year in a row, it’s our favorite astrologer/psychic/and now newly minted organic farmer and internet influencer, Gayle Evans! Due to some, mechanical difficulties aboard her spaceship The Santorini, Gayle and her extraterrestrial crew are currently grounded somewhere in an abandoned farm in Thurston County. Is that timing or what!?