Our Facilitators

Meet some of our amazing volunteer facilitators at Pizza Klatch!

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JennyAnn Wheeler (she/her)

JennyAnn lives in Olympia and has two children. This is her 4th year with Pizza Klatch.




Clove Pellant (they/them)

Clove is a queer, trans*, and genderqueer identified indivual who enjoys having the opportunity to help empower youth in their community. When not facilitating for Pizza Klatch, Clove enjoys their day job as a youth and family therapist, and spending free time hanging out and snuggling with their two partners and many pets.



Bryan Butler (he/him)

Bryan is a lifelong WA resident; he grew up in Aberdeen, went to college in Seattle, but has always loved the city of Olympia. It has been his home for the past 14 years. Bryan’s educational background is in Social Work but he decided to switch things up and trained to become a massage therapist in 2007. His spare time is spent watching ridiculous horror movies from the 80s and debating whether he has the skills to build a tiny house. He has been a co-facilitator at South Sound High School (Go Bulldogs!) since 2015.



Doug Page (he/him)

Doug has been with Pizza Klatch since January 2018. He will be starting the 2018-2019 school year as a full-time facilitator at Rochester High School. He is a married gay man and and lives in Shelton.





Randy Harper (he/him)

Randy was born and raised in Akron, Ohio. He has been with a great partner for 18 years and married for 2. He moved here just over 2 years ago. His husband beating cancer three times inspired them both to want to give back to the community by becoming facilitators for Pizza Klatch. Both he and his husband find their work through Pizza Klatch to be very meaningful, especially given the journey they have traveled together.