Donor Thank You Card from PK Student (2019)

We were beyond thrilled to work with our participating schools and their COVID-19 safety protocols to return to in-person support groups in the fall of 2021. Our klatches have seen a soaring increase in student attendance. Given that, as well the ever growing need to expand, including a planned expansion to two more schools next school year, Pizza Klatch is seeking different avenues of support to maintain our programming (as well as cover our ever expanding pizza budget). This means for the first time ever, Pizza Klatch is offering the chance to sponsor specific klatches! Organizations, companies, businesses, etc can have the chance for your donations to specifically cover the costs of the klatches we offer in one of our participating schools. These donations will cover the cost of volunteer training, researching and developing resources for students, and of course, the pizza.

Here are our current available klatch sponsorship levels: 

Your sponsorship will be recognized both on our website and in any community newsletters throughout the period of your sponsorship. If you are interested in more information on sponsorship, you can download a PDF of our Klatch Sponsorship Info Packet 2022. If you are interested in sponsoring one of our klatches, please visit our sponsorship site HERE to sign up!

Whether or not sponsorship is right for you, thank you for your interest in supporting the LGBTQ+ youth of Thurston County. Together we can work towards a school system that will be a positive and supportive space where LGBTQ+ youth are free to learn without violence, harassment, discrimination, suicidal ideation or self-harm.

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