Give Big Tuesday!

Giving Tuesday is right around the corner --- but what does it all mean?

If you celebrate holidays in December, and even if you don't, you are likely aware of the shopping catastrophes in malls and stores nation-wide. What used to be consolidated into one day: Black Friday, has now reached back to Thanksgiving Day, which is turning into a HUGE shopping day for many big-box stores. Thanksgiving is still followed by Black Friday where many attempt to fight through crowds to get the best deals. Shopping continues over the weekend and is followed by Cyber Monday, where folks may even sleep at their laptops in order to be the first to click "buy". Although shopping trends continue to change, we're also seeing a large spike in more people "Opting Out" of the Holiday craze.

Whether you are a shopper or not, there is still an important opportunity for you that arrives on December 1, 2015, to pull out your wallet.

This year, make sure you add Giving Tuesday on your calendar - a day where you are encouraged to give back by donating to local charities and nonprofits!

giving tuesday 2015 We have a few generous donors who have offered to match up to $10,000 of donations given on this day, so your gift will get even more mileage!

It's easy, you are just a few clicks away from giving a secure online donation for Giving Tuesday and providing pizza and support to LGBTQ+ teens. You can give at



Thank you!

Jessica McKimmie

Executive Director (far left in the photo above from Capital City Pride '15)






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