Pizza Klatch Serves an Average of 301 Students Weekly

Pizza Klatch is serving on average, 301 students weekly across twenty-nine (29) weekly support groups in all forteen (14) public high schools and one (1) middle school in Thurston County. Students need not identify as LGBTQ to participate. The group is welcoming of allies. The key to participation is to be respectful and validating of the unique experiences and concerns of LGBTQ+ students.

This year more than 440 LGBTQ+ students attended Pizza Klatch groups! We are still working on compiling Student Survey results for this school year. However, a look at our most recent survey reveals:

  • 91% of participants report feeling more supported and listened to since attending Pizza Klatch;
  • 44% report an increased ability to speak up when they hear anti-LGBTQ statements;
  • 47%report an increased willingness to stand up against LGBTQ bullying;
  • 56% report decreased incidents of thoughts of self-harm; and
  • 67% report reduced attempts of suicide.
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