Do you like table top, role playing, mobile or online video games? Are you a 13-18 year old student attending one of our participating schools that identifies as LGBTQ+ or are an LGBTQ+ allied person who is interested in connecting with other LGBTQ+ students and allies in your community? You may want to join one of our current online Pizza Klatch student gaming groups!

*Be sure to check out our list of requirements below. 


Interested in DUNGEONS & DRAGONS (5th Edition)? You can sign up for that gaming group HERE!

We also have other online games running now as well with more planned for the future! You can email our D&D gaming facilitator, Hearthorn at and our PK Discord Mod, Moss at for more info and to sign up!

*REQUIREMENTS: Must be 13-18 years old and a current student at one of our participating Thurston County schools to play. You don’t not have to identify as LGBTQ+ to participate, but this is a space focused and created for LGBTQ+ youth so homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, ableism, or other forms of marginalizing behavior or language will NOT be allowed. PK facilitators are present and playing along with students at all times, but we do limit the amount of adults playing so the game can be primarily students. If you have any questions about our requirements, feel free to email us at

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