Pizza Klatch provides support for LGBTQ+ youth in Thurston County Washington.  Between 200-300 youth attend these groups each week, finding trained facilitators and support from their peers as well.


Our youth participants,  who are LGBTQ+ and their allies, represent intersectionality across a range of ethnicity, economic class, skin color, religious beliefs and abilities.  We strive to support them in becoming resilient, self-advocating, happy and healthy. Pizza Klatch allows at-risk youth to form a sense of and connection to community within schools, enhancing well-being of LGBTQ, Two Spirit and allied youth. Participation in Pizza Klatch helps student share healthy coping skills, build confidence and connect to community resources.


Pizza Klatch is supported by many members in the community, individuals and other organizations provide us with volunteer and financial support.  We could not do this work without our wonderful supportive community.


In addition to weekly support groups, Pizza Klatch offers professional development training and technical assistance to school administrators and staff aimed at increasing awareness and improving the safety for LGBTQ+ students in schools.


New address as of August 1, 2018

 1311 4th Ave E, Olympia, WA 98506




 Gayla Intern/Work Study position — Application Here!




Check out this video and learn more about what we do:

What does “Pizza Klatch” mean?

Pizza – A favorite food among high school students :-). Italian in origin, made of thin bread dough with a spiced mixture of tomato sauce and cheese and various toppings.

Klatch – A Yiddish word for informal social gathering, especially for means of conversation.