As Black History Month comes to a close, we’re heading into the second year since the 2020 uprisings, we’d like to remind others to challenge and rebuke apologist language concerning the rights and well-being of Black people. This may sound like, “George Floyd died for justice to prevail.” To be absolutely clear, George Floyd was murdered by police, and what followed was years’ worth of due anger towards police for their treatment of Black people. He was a person like anyone else, not a sacrifice. On that note, we’d like to draw attention to the local protests that occurred this month, specifically those spearheaded by a local schools’ Black Student Union. Black students are finding ways to advocate for themselves and stand up for their rights, rallying countless others to do the same. We believe this is only the beginning of future waves of similar actions, and Black youth will be leading, contributing to, and shaping the way these take form. We’d like to celebrate Black achievement and excellence rather than focusing on Black suffering, and all our efforts in doing so should extend beyond February because Black History is year-round and current. Remember, the revolution will NOT be funded. 

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